How to register for an Eldorado account

Eldorado can be enjoyed by anyone, even beginners of online casinos and pachinko, as long as the internet environment is in place.
Here, I would like to confirm how to register El DORADO.

Eldorado registration procedure

Here, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the procedure for verifying your identity at this stage.
The procedure may change due to site renewal or specification changes.

Create an account.


①Enter your email address
※Please enter the email address you normally use.
②Enter any password
(A character string of 8 or more single-byte alphanumeric characters is required)
③Enter the above password for confirmation
The invitation code is automatically entered when you enter it from the introducer link or QR code.
④Enter your date of birth
⑤Enter the randomly displayed numbers as they are
⑥Click the registration button

Authentication email

A verification email will be sent to the email address registered as ID.
Open the email you received from El Dorado.
Since the 6-digit number is listed,
Go back to El Dorado and enter the 6 digit number.
This completes the account creation.

* You will receive an authentication email each time you log in.
You will need to enter a 6-digit number each time.